Our yoga program is meant to help athletic performance through improving mobility and range of motion.


Yoga improves range of motion and general mobility

Helps focus

Teaches more efficient breathing

Develops the ability to balance

Will keep you fit - lengthens muscles, posture improves

Provides times to relax - calming the mind from dedicated training

Reinforces good positioning

Can be a legitimate workout

Builds a community

Yoga is fun


These 10 reasons are all perfect examples of why yoga is a great compliment to any

training regimen. Posted’s yoga program allows athletes to practice poses and mobility

stretches that are specifically tailored towards athletic training needs. We use yoga mats,

bands, ab mats, tennis balls, foam rollers, the rig, etc. in class to show the athlete that

even outside of class they can preform these stretches to help their training.


Come check out class every Wednesday night at 7:30pm to 8:30pm, mats and equipment

provided! Can’t wait to see you on the mat 



To get started and/or if you have questions

Contact Alexandra at info@crossfitposted.com or sign up for class on WodHopper